10 Ways To Promote Your Business Using Plastic Cards

10 Ways To Promote Your Business Using Plastic Cards

1.      Plastic Calendar Cards

People keep plastic cards longer than those produced on card or paper.  Why not print a plastic calendar card with your company details on one side, and a calendar on the reverse?  Ideal  to send out as a promotional item at Christmas

2.      Plastic Gift Cards

Plastic gift cards have virtually replaced paper vouchers.  With various methods of putting a value on the cards, even the smallest business can offer a plastic gift card.  It enables people an alternative method of purchasing its products or services.

3.      Plastic Information Cards

Printing names, contact numbers, timetables, fixtures, instructions and ‘in case of emergency’ details, are just some ways of using plastic information cards to ensure important details are maintain on a long lasting durable plastic card.

4.      Plastic Business Cards

Plastic business cards are increasingly replacing the paper version.  Its durability together with high quality print and various effects, ensure your business details will stand out from the competition.

5.      Plastic Luggage Tags

Plastic luggage tags are becoming ever more popular.  A practical robust product, and a way to promote your company or business, as your details travel ‘worldwide’.  Plastic luggage tags can also be supplied fitted with luggage loops or straps.

6.      Plastic Key Tags

A ‘mini’ plastic card, fitted to your key ring, can be used as proof of membership, discount card or security tag etc.  Printed and manufactured to the same quality as a standard plastic card, and a means for your company details to be carried at all times.

7.      Plastic Helpline Cards

Plastic helpline cards are used for medical, insurance, breakdown, emergency and many other uses.  If you need to carry important information at all times, a plastic helpline card is an ideal way to do this.

8.      Plastic Discount Card

Ensure customers use your business or services by offering a plastic discount card.  Printed with your company details and offering a discount to promote your business and ensure you stay ahead of the competition.

9.      Plastic Loyalty Cards

Reward your frequent customers with a plastic loyalty card, offering discounts or rewards, for loyalty to your business.  They can be customised to each customer depending on spend or visits.

10.    Fund Raising Cards

Perfect for charitable organisations that need to raise funds.   Use a plastic card as a plastic membership card or donations card to issue to members donating or sponsoring your project.