Best Bar None – Plastic Cards

Best Bar None – Plastic Cards

We were asked by ipswich Borough Council to manufacture and supply plastic cards for the Ipswich Best Bar None scheme. Best Bar none is a national scheme aimed at promoting responsible operation and management of licensed premises. With over one hundred towns and cities participating in the UK it is a fast growing and successful scheme. Ipswich Borough Council runs its own scheme in association with Suffolk Police and Ipswich Central.

We were required to supply a plastic card that would be used to promote the scheme and also to be used as an ICE card (In Case off Emergency). It was to be hard wearing and with a high quality feel and appearance. We opted to manufacture a plastic card to be the same quality and specification as a plastic bank card. We litho printed four colour process to both sides and applied multiple write on panels to the reverse for the user to fill in contact details. The face of the card carried the logos of Ipswich Evening Star and Ipswich Town football Club who were working in partnership with Ipswich Best Bar None.


The plastic cards were distributed through participating pubs, clubs and other various outlets and proved so successful we soon had to reprint and manufacture more cards to meet demand. We are proud to have played a small part in assisting Ipswich Borough Council achieving national awards for their scheme. We are sure the decision to provide plastic cards instead of a cheaper paper or card version is correct as research shows that people will carry a plastic card far longer than a inferior alternative that soon becomes worn and tatty and is ultimately discarded.


The Best Bar None scheme has gone from strength to strength and led to us producing more plastic cards for the scheme which hopefully will continue its success in the future. Whatever scheme or new project comes our way we will always strive to provide the best plastic card option for our customer requirements and work closely with them to achieve a successful outcome.

More details of the Best Bar None scheme and its partners can be found at: