Suffolk Plastic Card Manufacturer looks at the history & advance of plastic cards in the UK

You may be surprised to realise how the introduction of plastic cards has changed your lifestyle so dramatically in a relatively short period of time.  Twenty years ago few of us would have imagined that by 2012 plastic cards would have virtually replaced cash, driven the cheque book to virtual extinction, controlled your means of identification, replaced keys, influenced your shopping habits and governed your ability to borrow a book, enter a gym or even get on a bus.

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Best Bar None – Plastic Cards

We were asked by ipswich Borough Council to manufacture and supply plastic cards for the Ipswich Best Bar None scheme. Best Bar none is a national scheme aimed at promoting responsible operation and management of licensed premises. With over one hundred towns and cities participating in the UK it is a fast growing and successful scheme. Ipswich Borough Council runs its own scheme in association with Suffolk Police and Ipswich Central.

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New Website

Plastic Card Company launches it’s new and exciting web site. Created in response to consumer research and customer feedback we have reacted to the demand for high quality, litho printed cards at realistic costs.

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